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This week we read about Phubbing (‘Phone Snubbing’). The Daily Mail reports that divorce lawyers say it could be causing marriages and relationships to breakdown. A third of people in a relationship in the UK say they have been ignored by their phone-distracted partners, according to a YouGov survey.


Signs that you are a Phubber

  • You always have your phone out when you’re with your partner
  • Most of your conversations with you partner are are kept short because you’re often on your phone
  • You often stop paying attention to what your partner is saying when your phone buzzes
  • You fill gaps in conversation by checking your phone
  • When you’re watching TV together, you go on your phone in the ad break
  • You take calls that aren’t urgent when you’re spending time with your partner.

On our TfM weekends we talk about putting ‘gadgets’ away so we can give our full attention to our partners. This helps our partner feel valued, appreciated and listened to.  There are lots of boundaries around this that you could agree together, such as no phones in the bedroom or phones away over meal times, but generally ensuring our attention isn’t on our phone rather than our partner is an important place to start. We totally love the ‘Do Not Disturb’ button on our phones!

Did you say yes to any of the signs? What can you do about it?

Read the full article here.


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