18-19 May 2024, TfM live online weekend


Our weekends offer a unique opportunity for couples to explore and strengthen their marriage in alignment with God’s plan. Delivered in a live online format, you have the flexibility to engage from the comfort of your own home or choose a getaway location for optimal focus and minimal distractions.

Led by two facilitator couples, our sessions blend biblical content with personal narratives, followed by structured exercises designed for couples to complete together. The Zoom webinar format ensures privacy, with cameras and microphones turned off, allowing couples to immerse themselves without interaction with others.

Running from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, our program schedule can be viewed here. Additionally, participants will benefit from pre and post-weekend consultations with one of our facilitator couples.

Before and after the weekend, we are offering you a unique opportunity to chat with a facilitator couple one-on-one for 20 minutes. This time can be used to acclimatise yourself to the weekend, share where you’re at in your relationship, utilise the facilitators’ expertise, or simply get to know them better.

Additionally, we offer our exclusive ‘Question Time,’ a special segment designed for you to anonymously submit any inquiry about marriage. During this session, our experienced facilitators will provide insightful answers and share their expertise on a wide range of marital topics. It’s an invaluable opportunity to gain wisdom and clarity on any aspect of marriage that may be on your mind.

To participate, you’ll need:

  1. Technology: Access to Zoom (contact us for assistance if needed).
  2. Environment: A distraction-free, private space conducive to focused couple exercises. We advise against the presence of children during the weekend.
  3. Time: Commitment to the entire weekend for maximum benefit, as each session builds upon the last.

The investment for this transformative experience is just £90 per couple, which includes handbooks and other materials mailed to you beforehand. Additional shipping fees apply for international orders.

We believe this represents exceptional value for the wealth of knowledge, guidance, and personalized support you’ll receive. It’s an investment in the strength and vitality of your marriage, providing invaluable tools and insights to foster lasting growth and connection.

Join us for this live journey to enrich your marriage and deepen your spiritual connection!


We also offer residential weekends so look at our bookings page for other dates.

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