Time for Marriage Facilitator

Job description

The role of a TfM Facilitator is a calling rather than a job. It requires a couple to be able to demonstrate in action, as well as word, their commitment to God and to one another.

There is no upper or lower age limit, but teaching or presenting experience would be useful. The couple must have attended a TfM weekend within the last three years, or be willing to attend another weekend prior to training.

Training is held over two weekends, about a month apart, followed by supporting and participating on a TfM weekend under the supervision of an experienced facilitator couple.

TfM Facilitators are:

  • Passionate about marriage
  • Working out Redeemed Marriage in their own lives
  • Good communicators
  • Good listeners
  • Hospitable and welcoming
  • Teachable and adaptable
  • Able to create a positive atmosphere and put people at their ease
  • Willing to be vulnerable
  • Committed to a minimum of three weekends a year: two teaching, one for attendance of the Annual Conference and one Facilitator Training Day.

Application form

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