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New Year ‘New’ Marriage?

There is much written about the fact that New Years Resolutions now also include a resolve to move away from an unhappy marriage.  We’re often very busy in the Time for Marriage office at the start of January with couples booking onto weekends and many of these are couples resolving to invest time into their marriages which is fantastic.

How has the new year started for you?  How is your marriage currently?

Recently, in Time for Marriage we’ve been challenged about the concept of an ‘ok’ marriage. Many couples think their marriage is ok, they’re doing fine, they don’t need help or support and are ticking along fine but actually this can be quite a vulnerable state to be in as it’s easy to slide to complacency and forget to nurture and invest in our most precious relationship. Also God wants so much more for us as a married couple than an ‘ok’ marriage.

We believe that finding about God’s plan for our marriage on a Time for Marriage can take an ‘ok’ marriage to a new place of living out fully the marriage God created us to have.  So as well as spirit filled teaching and leaders, we work hard to create the right setting for a weekend.  We choose venues that will encourage couples to relax. For example the beautiful Cwm is set in a valley just outside Chepstow. Its rooms are beautifully furnished with the only sound from couples bedrooms being the babbling brook running alongside the venue. The hosts go out of their way to provide delicious home cooked food and the emphasis is on relaxation and restoration. Our trained teaching couples then share biblically based teaching along with their own experiences, both good and bad! They encourage couples to be honest together and allow space for God to move couples forward in each area of their relationship. There is always a warm atmosphere, laughter, real life examples, thought provoking ideas and a romantic evening dinner for couples to share on their own. What we don’t do is ask couples to share anything personally within a group setting. Instead we give couples space to discuss things together privately.

Why not invest in a Time for Marriage Weekend and find out for yourselves what God wants for you in your marriage.

New for 2015

We’re really excited in 2015 to be launching Time for Marriage for Just Marrieds and also re-launching Time for Marriage for Leaders (we’re passionate about investing in the marriages of ministry leaders – do you know someone who could benefit from coming on one of these weekends? Why not invite them).


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