In TfM Weekend

We were so excited to relaunch our residential weekends in October. 

The last residential weekend had been in February 2020 and some couples attending our recent residential weekend had waited 18 months to attend, having experienced cancellations due to COVID. It’s been great to see our weekends operate so well in the online format, but some couples simply want to be away from the hustle and bustle of their own homes, be cooked for and experience the weekend face to face which is totally understandable with some people experiencing ‘zoom fatigue’.  So it was good to work hard with The Greenhouse Christian Centre to ensure that everything was in place for our first residential weekend.

We’re grateful to this wonderful venue for making everything so special for our couples, including a wonderfully presented romantic meal on the Saturday evening; the food there is excellent!

Couple Consultations

We have now added the Couple Consultations to our residential weekends as well as our online weekends, so before attending a weekend, each couple gets a 20 minute chat with one of the couples facilitating the weekend. This is an ideal opportunity to ask questions about the weekend and get a feel for how the weekend is going to be. Also, for couples who are struggling, it’s a good opportunity to share a little if they wish and know that there will be a facilitator couple to support them over the weekend if they need it.

Programme update

We have also tweaked our programme with the desire that couples get more time just the two of them, to go through exercises together or enjoy some free time. They get some time off during afternoon of the busy Saturday programme and we know this is much appreciated to get out in the fresh air or take a nap! The Greenhouse Christian Centre is ideally situated for couples to wander down to the glorious sandy beach which stretches for miles.

Often on our weekends, a theme appears almost from nowhere. It could be that the couples just happen to be in similar lines of work or going through similar seasons in their lives. We find it uncanny how the Holy Spirit puts these couples together and our recent weekend was no exception. The theme of the weekend was John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full”. We certainly saw God working through the Holy spirit breathing new life into the couple’s marriages. 

We’re looking forward to two weekends at The Greenhouse in 2022 and adding further venues to the diary soon.


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Steve and Claire Musters