In Christian Marriage

We’ve been contemplating some of the key elements of a TfM weekend:


Our weekends are covered in prayer. Our team pray in the build up to a weekend. Each couple attending is allocated a Prayer Partner (please contact us if you would like to become one). On arrival our Facilitators soak the venue in prayer. Whilst each couple heads off together to do the exercises, the Facilitators will gather together and pray for them right at that moment. They will meet with each couple to pray for them during the weekend and the culmination of the weekend is the group praying over each couple.  

The Marriage Triangle

Our first session looks at God’s Plan for Marriage and we introduce the Marriage Triangle. Looking at keeping the lines of the triangle between God and each other strong and how it can become distorted.  What shape is your marriage triangle currently?


Ultimately one of the main foundations of a healthy marriage is good communication. We’re always reminded about how important it is to listen well to our partner and to not use certain put downs, such as:  “you always…”,  “you never…”, ” you’re just like your…” !!!


One of the key elements that flows through all our sessions is recognising that we are different from our partners in the way we think, communicate and relate. Over the weekend we encourage couples to acknowledge differences and look at how they can be positive.  


Food is something we take very seriously! Meal times are all about building relationships with each other so that we can intentionally pray for each other at the end of the weekend. We always look for venues that will create the right ambience at this point and of course serve excellent food.

Do you agree?

If you’ve been on one of our weekends, what were the key elements for you? Why not let us know via our live chat? You might also like to find your handbooks and have a look at your Action Points; anything needing some attention right now? If you haven’t been on one of our weekends for a while, how about coming on one again? We’re constantly reviewing and updating our weekends so it may have changed a bit!


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