In When2Pray

Here at Time for Marriage, we whole heartedly support the work of our sister organisation When2Pray. Frighteningly, statistics show that divorce rates amongst Christian couples are the same as non-christians, so just being a Christian doesn’t protect us from separation. However, the rate of divorce amongst couples who pray regularly together drops to a staggering 1 in 400!!!

The intimacy with God and each other produced through prayer as a couple is obviously truly powerful and When2pray want to nurture and encourage that. Not only that but they have a vision to see the power of couples praying together for other couples marriages across the Nation.

To help couples keep praying during the summer they have produced a bumper pack of their Eprayers looking at the book of Proverbs so that couples can download and take them on their holidays. At a time when the routine often goes out the window, this tool is really helpful in keeping us connected.

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