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Richard Kane of Marriage Week has provided our next two excellent blog posts on Sex and the busy brain …

We all know that women are brilliant at multi tasking…

Spinning numerous plates simultaneously. However, to engage the sexual pleasure areas in her brain she has to silence all the other voices in her head. This is a neurological fact. The part of the brain that remembers everything, the amygdala, cannot function simultaneously with the part of the brain that has to be switched on to get turned on.
Or in other words, you know the way Word and Excel can run side by side on your lap top, well when it comes to sex, you have to turn one off, to turn the other one on. They just won’t run side by side.

This is seriously where so many couples mess up. If you’re a woman you cannot multi task an orgasm, honestly – you really can’t.

The manufacturer’s of Viagra have now conceded defeat in their attempts to create a female Viagra, mainly because women’s brains are so interconnected that a single magic bullet pill cannot possibly fix everything. To fill a penis with blood is unspeakably simple compared with the complexities of helping a women to switch of life, and then to switch on to feeling sensual and well sexy.

It is true that some anti depressants can make a women more relaxed and therefore with an inhibited amygdala the scene can be set for great sex, but who wants to be on anti depressants. No one.
The truth is that men and women both want the same thing, exciting sex. For a man it’s just very basic plumbing. For a women, it’s slightly more complex, because the female orgasm requires her to switch of her brain, or at least the part of the brain where she considers all her networks or relationships and issues.

Next week we’ll post Richard’s top 3 tips for de cluttering the busy brain.

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