About Time for Marriage Weekends

Time for Marriage weekends create a welcoming and relaxing environment with everything in place for you to spend some special time as a couple investing in your marriage.

What happens at our marriage weekends?

Join us for Time for Marriage weekends, a transformative experience offered both online and in various locations throughout the year. Additionally, we’re available to bring our program to your local church, college, or organisation.

Our dedicated team of trained couples will extend a warm welcome and share biblically based teachings, enriched by their own real-life experiences—both triumphs and challenges. Together, they’ll create a safe space for honest conversations and invite God to guide you forward in every aspect of your relationship.

Before and after the weekend, enjoy brief consultations with one of our facilitator couples. These personalised sessions aim to ensure you feel fully prepared beforehand and supported in integrating newfound insights afterward. Plus, during the weekend, we have a unique session where you can anonymously ask any question about marriage.

Anticipate a welcoming atmosphere filled with warmth, laughter, insightful media clips, authentic stories, and thought-provoking discussions.

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Areas covered include:

  • God’s plans for marriage
  • Good communication
  • Praying together
  • Resolving conflict & forgiveness
  • God’s gift of sex & intimacy
  • Our future together
  • Marriage Baggage
  • Roles

Also, please don’t worry—you are never asked to share anything personally within a group setting, you discuss each topic privately as a couple; we don’t want you to feel awkward. The weekend is all about giving you space to grow together with God.

We run three versions of our weekends:


TfM for

TfM for
Armed Forces Couples

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