TfM for Leaders

Time for Marriage for Leaders is designed for couples where at least one of you is a church leader as your primary occupation or leads a national ministry.

Renewed and Strengthened

We understand the pressures that come with ministry life, and want you to feel valued, as you enjoy some space away from the normal pressures to focus on your precious marriage relationship.

Of course, every marriage has areas of strength and weakness, and every ministry brings challenges and opportunities that you navigate together. Although the weekends follow our usual programme, we ensure that the couples leading our leaders’ weekends have leadership experience, and aim to make it as relevant to you as possible. We also recognise the unique pressures that a church leaders marriage is under as you live out your marriage in the public eye—which is why we include the ‘Marriage In A Goldfish Bowl’ session, to examine this often challenging aspect of your relationship.

Our TfM for Leaders weekends run in a similar format to our general weekends. Before and after each weekend we offer short consultations with one of our facilitator couples.  These meetings are to welcome you and ensure that you have everything you need before the weekend and to help you embed what you’ve learned at the end of the weekend.  Also during the weekend we have a unique session where you will be able to anonymously ask any question about marriage.

We work hard to make sure that our weekends are excellent value for money, but we do have a bursary fund offering up to 50% off the cost of a weekend. We also often find that churches/organisations are willing to subsidise this time away for their clergy couples to invest in their marriage.


Safeguarding Christian Leaders’ Marriage

Andy Peck (Premier Christian Radio) talks to Andy and Fiona Banes who head up Time for Marriage and discuss some ways in which Christian leaders can safeguard their marriage amidst the challenges of modern life.


View from a Church Leader: Steve and Amber’s story

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