When2Pray is designed to help couples to pray together—an encouragement to get started and an inspiration to keep going.

The When2Pray network

Time for Marriage has been involved with other marriage and prayer organisations in the establishment of this prayer network. Although most Christian couples say they would like to pray together, many find it difficult in practice. The When2Pray network has been set up to help couples pray together.

We believe that as thousands of couples pray for their own relationship, and for couples known to them, the spiritual climate surrounding marriage will change and that they, and society as a whole, will feel the benefit.

Couple praying

The network is very simple:

Weekly email

Couples register at when2pray.net to receive a weekly email.

Biblical Insights

Each weekly email will give short Biblical insights on a different subject relevant to marriage. There will also be example prayers that can be used.


The only commitment is to aim to find 5–10 minutes to pray together (for yourselves and for at least one other couple known to you) before the arrival of the next week’s email.

  • "We have never been so close!"

A couple who started praying together after 14 years’ marriage

Download the When2Pray leaftet

Pray Together, Grow Together! is a simple free tool to help couples start praying together.

When2Pray book cover

The When2Pray Book

Time for Marriage team members, Barrie and Eileen Jones, wrote this simple book in 2003 with the aim to:

  • help couples to pray together for the first time;
  • encourage couples who’ve stopped to start again;
  • inspire those already praying together.

Readers’ comments:

“Simple but profound.”
“I am convinced it will be greatly used to transform marriages in this country.”
“We have started tentatively praying together and are trying to keep going.”

Nicky and Sila Lee of The Marriage Course:

“We hope and pray that couples using When2Pray will have their own relationships immeasurably strengthened and that countless others will be the beneficiaries of their joint prayers.”

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