Couple consultations

We are now offering free 20 minute consultations via Zoom with one of our facilitators. This is an ideal opportunity for you to:

  • Hear more about TfM
  • Talk about where you’re at as a couple so that you can decide if a TfM weekend is for you
  • Learn about other resources available

An opportunity

During this 20 minute consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about Time for Marriage and our weekends. If you wish, you can share about your own relationship so that along with the facilitator, you can decide what resources will be the best fit for you as a couple.

Note this is not a counselling session but we can also signpost you to other areas of help, such as a relationship therapist.

Please use the form below to book a time with us and we will be in touch asap to confirm the details.

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