Project 50

At our Time for Marriage conference in March we were excited to launch ‘Project 50’, so what’s it all about…? Firstly some background… Over the last seven years since we became the [...]

TfM goes to new heights!

So often people get to the end of a Time for Marriage weekend and say “That was so good, we could do with this at home” and we hardly ever hear anything more. Not so when Dennis and Jane DeVries [...]

How much sex keeps you happy?

We’re delighted to have another guest blog from Becky Francis. Becky is a Christian psychosexual therapist working both privately and for Relate in Derby. How much sex keeps you happy? This [...]

Woman Alive Feature

This month we’re delighted to feature in Woman Alive magazine! Thom & Ginny Gangway had been married for 9 months when they attended one of our weekends, Ginny told Woman Alive magazine [...]

Time for Marriage in Uganda

Ugandan Beginnings Everything started in 2007 with a telephone call asking us to host a Ugandan Pastor who wanted to talk about marriage support. In that week we shared the Biblical Principles of [...]


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