Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the questions we are most commonly asked, if you have any other questions though please do get in touch.

Who will be leading the weekend?

We have a specially trained team of Facilitator couples who cover various subjects over the course of the weekends as well as sharing their experiences – both good & bad.

How many couples will be attending?

Online:  at present we have a limit of 25 couples on our online weekends.

Residential:  The aim for our weekends is to create an intimate space for couples so we generally accommodate between 5 and 10 couples.

What time does the weekend start and finish?

Online:  The weekend runs from 9am Saturday through to 1:30pm Sunday (note: couple consultations are hosted during the Sunday afternoon).

Residential:  You’re welcome to arrive anytime after 5pm on the Friday evening with our programme starting at 7pm. We aim to finish by 4pm on the Sunday.

Will we need to share anything personal about our marriage with anyone?

You are not asked to share anything personal at any point of the weekend. We like to meet with couples individually during the weekend but you don’t have to share anything personal at this stage. There is also a group discussion at the end of the weekend but again what you share is up to you.

Is the weekend suitable for my non-Christian Spouse?

Whilst some non-Christians do attend our weekends, the contents are unashamedly God focused so your spouse would need to be sympathetic to this.

Do I need to attend all of the sessions?

We would say yes! Our sessions follow a careful pattern, interweaving into each other and we do refer back to previous sessions. We recommend you attend all sessions so that you don’t miss out!

Can I bring my baby?

We understand that it’s difficult to leave small children at home but these weekends are important time spent just you as a couple so that you can truly focus on what God’s saying to you. We operate a no children policy to minimise disruption to other couples attending.

Is it ok if my kids are around during the online weekend?

We would encourage you to find childcare for the weekend. It’s important that you are able to undertake the exercises on your own as a couple.

What technology do I need for an online weekend?

We use Zoom Webinar for the weekend and Ideally we would recommend that you use a laptop to attend as viewing is easiest on this especially as we use the split screen function. If you have any problems accessing zoom, please do get in touch as we may be able to help you.

Can we attend as non-residential delegates?

Our weekends are specifically designed for couples to be away from their home environments for the whole of the weekends. Occasionally by special request we can accommodate non-residential delegates.

Can we pay a deposit/by instalments?

To secure your place on our weekends you will need to pay the full amount at time of booking. However, we do try to accommodate special requests made in writing where possible. We also have a bursary fund to support couples attending our weekends.

What if I can’t afford the weekend?

We offer a bursary fund for couples needing support to attend our weekends. This fund will provide up to 50% discount.

Is the Time for Leaders weekend suitable for us?

We are passionate about supporting church leaders and creating protected space for them to look at God’s plan for their marriage. With this in mind unless you are solely responsible for running a church or national ministry, we would recommend you attend one of our general Time for Marriage weekends.

What if I can’t make it to the weekend I’m booked onto?

As a charitable organisation, we make no profit from our weekends and the majority of the weekend cost is passed onto the venue. Therefore, unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds on cancellations.  In special circumstances we may be able to transfer you to a different weekend (fees apply). Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

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