What people say

Couples continue to be blessed by the Time for Marriage weekends, here are a few comments some of them have shared with us.

  • I ate too much but enjoyed the weekend! The whole weekend was well organised and the content split well into manageable sessions.

  • The course has opened up new depth to our marriage. Thank you.

  • Thank you, we are so grateful for your time and enthusiasm for our marriage.

  • I valued you spending time with us on the Saturday and hearing that people were praying for us.

  • I especially liked the ‘girlie talk’ on Sunday morning.

  • It was so lovely just to spend one to one time with my husband. I’ve really grasped the oneness and unity that God wants for our marriage.

  • Continued to be blessed by this VITAL ministry

  • We appreciated the opportunity to focus on our marriage and the freedom to ask different questions in a safe environment. We appreciated the warm, welcoming, humble but with authority attitude/style of the leaders. The content was obviously scripturally based but with references so we could see it for ourselves.

  • Friendly, approachable, fun leaders—routed in real relationship.

  • Our marriage and our lives have been blessed and strengthened. I appreciated the opportunity to look at myself honestly in order to improve my marriage.

  • I loved the intimacy of just having a few couples and the openness of leaders taking the course.

  • The benefit of the weekend was that it allowed issues to be raised in a non-threatening way that otherwise would have put one of us on the defensive immediately.

  • The Saturday night was unbelievably special.

  • We have grown together.

  • We loved the individual time to think—space. And time to pray together—shared space.

  • We loved the teaching on ways to develop deeper relationship and also the emphasis on the spiritual part of the marriage.

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