If you could ask any question about marriage, what would it be?

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Ask an Expert is an exciting new evening event that we are offering churches.

Over the course of a TfM weekend we get asked LOTS of questions about marriage. In fact we include a whole session that allows husbands and wives to gather separately and anonymously ask any question they like about marriage. These sessions are generally profound; encouraging frank, honest and deep communication from the heart.

In our culture (and many others) it’s pretty much a thing to pretend everything is going pretty well. Our observation is that a lot of marriages just crumble over a period of time and whilst a lack of communication is a massive issue, quite often there’s a problem and the couple think it’s only them experiencing it.

This is why we have the Questions session in our TfM Weekends and it is also the main reason why we are exited to launch our Ask an Expert events. Our passion is to give couples the opportunity to anonymously ask absolutely anything about marriage.

We’re keen to answer questions about how to cope when your partner seems to be completely the opposite to you or how to keep your communication going when your partner is more interested in watching TV. We want to talk about whether it’s OK to say no when you don’t want sex or if it’s OK to use sex toys. We want to talk openly about jealousy and forgiveness. So we’ve created a safe place where you can do just that: Ask an Expert.


10th February, 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Questions from previous events have included:

  • How do I have a difficult conversation with my partner?
  • How do we keep our marriage strong through the different stages of parenting?
  • Is it OK to use sex toys?
  • Is it OK to watch porn without telling my partner?

How does it work?

The format is simple: We assemble a panel of four experts and invite people to anonymously ask them anything about marriage. The results are profound, encouraging frank and open debates about subjects not normally discussed.

The evening generally runs over two hours and can be for anyone, any age, married or not, Christian or not. Experts typically include a Christian psychosexual therapist, a church leader and members of the TfM team.

Before coming to an Ask an Expert event, people can anonymously submit their questions through our website. We gather these questions up and then get our panel of experts to answer them at the event. During the evening there is an opportunity to throw in more questions.

Who is it for?

ANYONE! (However, we don’t recommend that you bring your kids!)

Obviously the focus on marriage but the great thing about this event is that you can come even if your partner can’t make it.

It’s also ideal for couples considering marriage and even single people have found it interesting. You don’t have to have a faith although if there’s a question about faith in marriage, we will answer it!

We also run these events for just Husbands and just for Wives; these events are also profound and impacting.

Meet the ‘Experts’

Our team of experts are generally reluctant to call themselves experts as we’re all learning in this joyful journey of marriage. Generally they will be a church leader, a psychosexual therapist and member of the TfM team.

Our ‘expertise’ is either through our training or our experience of walking with couples and of course we share from our own experiences of being married.

Host an Ask an Expert event

We will host the evening at your venue, facilitate questions and answers as well as providing a media pack (including printed invitations) for you to market the event. All that we ask is that you cover our expenses and make a donation to time for marriage.

If you are interesting in hosting an Ask an Expert event do get in touch with us.

What people have said about previous events:

  • The experts covered a wide range of difficult questions that are often not talked about.

  • The experts were very open and honest. Was a great starting point for me and husband to carry on the conversation at home.

Contact us for further information or to arrange your Ask An Expert event now!

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