TfM for Armed Forces Couples

Time for Marriage for Armed Forces Couples is designed for couples where at least one of you is serving in the Armed Forces.

Strengthened and Supported

The normal rhythm of life can experience extra stresses and strains when one or both of you are in the Armed Forces, having to navigate deployments, house moves, or periods of separation.

We all know it is essential to invest time into our most precious relationships. We also know that God cares about strong marriages and families. Sometimes though, it can be hard to find the time and energy to keep our marriages renewed, and the fun and romance alive.

Time for Marriage wants to encourage your marriage to be strengthened as you build a life together in the forces, so at least one of the couples leading our Time for Marriage for Armed Forces Couples weekends will always have experienced life in the forces. Although we will be following our usual programme, we will also make sure that this opportunity for you to be together is as relevant to you as possible.  You can view a sample of our programme here.

Whatever, your age, and no matter how long you have been married, you will benefit from spending some time focusing on the relationship you want to last a lifetime. We all thrive and struggle in different aspects of our marriage—that’s normal, but we believe God wants your marriage to be continually renewed and strengthened to be all it can be.

Currently all our weekends are running in online format.  For more information about our online weekends click here.

Contact us for the date of our next TfM for Armed Forces Couples weekend.

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